Catholicism 101

Do you have questions about the Catholic Faith? Would you like a refresher course exploring what we believe and why we believe what we believe as Catholics? Do you want to deepen your faith and grow in your relationship with God?

Tuesdays 6-7pm in Room 1 at Saint James Parish

Have questions? Contact Emilija Lapas at

Watch coming bulletins for future session dates & topics!

Following Jesus 2: Becoming Like Him

This 8-week course builds upon the experience of Following Jesus 1: Then and Now by leading us deeper into the heart of discipleship, into the call to become like the One we follow. As we walk with Jesus through this course, He will show us that He sees us and understands us, He accepts and forgives us, and He desires to shape us into His witnesses for our world today.

Please consider joining us again – and even inviting a friend to join! In case you’d like to re-watch any episodes of Season 1, you can do so here: Watch all episodes of The Chosen for free

Just like last season, we’ll gather to pray with Scripture and watch an episode from Season 2 of The Chosen to reflect on the call Jesus makes uniquely to each of us to become His disciples.

Each Session runs from 6 – 7:30pm

Season 2 Schedule:

May 10th  – Season 2: Episode 1: Thunder

May 17th – Season 2: Episode 2: I Saw You 

May 24th – Season 2: Episode 3: Matthew 4:24

May 31st  – Season 2: Episode 4: The Perfect Opportunity

June 7th  – Season 2: Episode 5: Spirit

June 14th – Season 2: Episode 6: Unlawful

June 21st  – Season 2: Episode 7: Reckoning

June 28th  – Season 2: Episode 8: Beyond Mountains